Interstate Steel Corporation



During his tenure with Tucker Steel Corporation, the nation was involved in the infrastructure of building the massive interstate highway system across the USA.  This provided greater opportunities for TSC and valuable training for Mr. Goodwin, as the need was great for bridge girders and subsidiary framing, including the steel framing for banked, curved access ramps.  Mr. Goodwin met this challenge mathematically while providing the engineering department with complete math analysis and dimensions required for detailing of shop drawings and for the fabrication of huge long spanning cambered plate girders, diaphragm bracing, expansion/contraction rocker bearing assemblies, and unique embedded expansion control joints transitioning the road surface to the bridge surface.

Mr. Goodwin used his gained experience in bridge structures as he later created one of the first subcontract shop drawing companies in the Tennessee area, where he prepared fabrication drawings of bridge components to TSC and to fabricators in other USA locations.