Interstate Steel Corporation


Industrial Applications

Mr. Goodwin gained experience with industrial planes dating back into the 1960s working out plans and fabrication details for mining and manufacturing processes and additions for companies such as American Zinc and Tennessee Eastman Kodak.  Through the 1970s, he was instrumental in the drawings and fabrication of many different aspects of material processing for the Bowaters Southern Paper Plant in Calhoun, Tennessee, beginning with the “drag chain” conveyors for handling the logs and on through to the “radial stacker” belt conveyor for handling the sawdust all in conjunction with the steel structuring of building additions such as the new “wood chipper” building. 

After finishing the wood yard modification program, Mr. Goodwin turned his attention to the drawing and fabrication of Bowaters “overland coal conveyor” which consisted of a continuous troughing idled belt conveyor installed within an enclosed “gallery” mounted over tapered steel “bents” or towers, stretching a great distance from the coal storage yard to the plant’s furnaces when Bowater elected to convert from oil energy to coal energy due to the oil embargo.

Mr. Goodwin’s industrial experience continued through the beginning of Interstate Steel Corporation and has worked with an automotive parts manufacturing plant in creating and fabricating interior “retro-fit” overhead conveyor runways, electrical and other functional mezzanines, floor trenching for piping and electrical, and press pit framing and covering for many relocated and added hydraulic press units.

ISC had performed similar steel projects for CTI Pet Scan Systems, Gerdeau Ameristeel Co., and in governmental locations of the Oak Ridge facilities.